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Under the GDPR all companies operating in the EEA must have a local presence- i.e. a company that the data subject [you] can contact to report data protection issues. We are the designated EEA presence for Intelligent Ocean Ltd, and will enqure your request is processed by them.

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The process is simple - you send your Subject Access Request, Complaint, Breach Report or other requests to us via this site, or by using the email address or phone number below. We will send your details to the company you want to contact.

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We are based in Dublin and are referred to as an EU GDPR Representative. Our job is to act as your postal service and ensure your request is delivered quickly. You can make your complaint using the form below, by email, or by calling us.

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Article 27

Want to know more about the GDPR rules. Take a look at the GDPR text.

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